How to Buy

We only sell our seafood when it’s fresh! Working with fresh products means our variety varies everyday.

You can visit our main place of operations. Our hours are weekdays Mon – Fri 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Here’s our address, 74-5626 Alapa St.

Our fresh seafood is on the move, opening roadside locations for everyone’s convenience. Our roadside stands do not have set schedules because we only come out when we have the fresh product, but if they work for you join our text list to get notified when one is opening

Join Our Text List

We only open when we have the fresh products. It’s not guaranteed fishermen will give us a call everyday. We have fish most days.

Our customers can join the text list to be notified VIA text message when we open

What we tell you:

● WHAT – What kind of fish.

● WHEN – What time we are open.

● WHERE – What location is opening.

Joining Is Easy and FREE

Simply text the phrase “ADD ME” to 844-947-5993 (this phone number is for the Text List only). That’s it!

You will receive a reply text to verify you are being added to the list. Shortly after, you will receive your first text.

Texts will continue until you reply “STOP”.

To resubscribe, to our Text List send the phrase “UNSTOP” to 844-947-5993.