Where Our Fish Come From

Learn more about each of our seafood sources below.

Local Fishermen | Your Fish Are Always the Freshest Available

Our fish are caught by local independent fishermen and when the bite is on we jump into action.

Fishermen deliver their fresh catch to our warehouse where fish are taken to our refrigerated cut room for cutting and packaging.

Once the fish are ready for the public, we load them onto our trailers.

Then, our friendly knowledgeable stand operators pick up their trailers bringing our fresh fish to your nearby stand location.

OTEC | Sustainable and Local

We work with Kona’s OTEC facilities. OTEC strives for our local farms and agriculture to practice healthy and sustainable mariculture.

Honolulu Fish Auction | These are our “Flying Fish”

To provide a wide variety of fish from Hawaii’s waters, we’re registered buyers at the Honolulu fish auction.

At 5:30 the bell rings, and so the auction begins. We buy the best available fish and fly it back to Kona that same day.

In Kona, we meet the fish upon arrival and bring them back to our warehouse for processing. We bring our flying fish to you as soon as possible.

Alaska & More | Mainland “Flying Fish”

We developed a key partnership with a family run company, one of the best in the Pacific Northwest. They run a fleet of their own boats throughout our country.

We’re sent a fresh fish list 5 days a week. Fish is ordered first thing in the morning and it’s flown out to us that day on overnight flights.

We pickup the fish from the airport and take them back to our warehouse. Here, we quality inspect the fish, cut, & package for our stands.

We order on a regular basis, ensuring we carry the highest quality seafood.