Your Fish Are Always the Freshest Available

Caught and on your plate within 24 hours.

When one of our fishermen goes fishing or has a load, they call us and we jump into action.

From the minute the fish call comes, we are in high alert status to keep fish fresh and quickly, safely and efficiently get it in your hands. 

We first load trailers and prepare the salted brine for the brief transport. Trailers are taken to the ice facility where coolers are filled for pickup. With iced coolers, we head to the harbor to unload fish from the boat. 

Each load is 500-1600 pounds whole fish. Fish are taken to our kitchen where our certified cutters prepare and pack your fish. 

Fresh seafood is now picked up at OTECH to offer with your ocean fresh fish. 

Text is sent to our FREE members text list,  and fish caught the day before is now ready for you!

Available at Markets

  • Live Maine Lobster
  • Kona Farmed Kampachi
  • Kona Farmed
    Cold water Pacific jumbo shrimp
  • Dungeness Crabs
  • Pacific Oysters